Watering batteries in small to large fleets can be time consuming and we’ve got the perfect solution!


Globexx North America Inc, is an American company located in Boston, Massachusetts – USA. We supply cutting-edge and innovative technology in components applied on Railway lead-acid batteries filling kits, Forklift battery filling kits, Reach stacker parts, Mining off-road trucks and heavy-machinery replacement parts.
Globexx provides globally: New, refurbished, and used equipment spare parts for Caterpillar, CVS Ferrari, Cummins, Dana, Flow-rite, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Kessler, Komatsu, Konecranes and Sany.
Pier businesses in the United States, South America and Africa, are focused on protecting environment, customers, amd associates occupational health. Globexx supplies smart solutions platform for maintenance recurring problems in large corporations of Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Port. Mining, Logistic and Railway industries.


Flow-Rite’s Mini Pump Water Supply

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How can battery watering systems help me?


Take a 15-minute hassle and turn it into a 30 second task!


Fill batteries without removing vent caps to avoid acid burns, ruined clothing, and noxious fumes.


Over-filling and under-filling batteries both results in lost capacity. Flow-Rite systems fill to the correct level every time, giving you optimal battery life.


Contact Flow-Rite or your local dealer to receive your custom payback analysis showing your operation’s labor cost savings.

What are battery watering systems?

Flow-Rite battery watering systems consists of automatic shut-off valves, interconnected with tubing, that replace the existing vent caps.

A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply.

Once connected, water flows into each cell until it reaches the correct level.

A flow indicator built into the water supply tells the operator when filling has been completed. The entire process takes just 30 seconds per battery.

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