Eagle Eye Essential IV.

Brightest in its Class!

Knowing whether or not your battery fleet needs water is critical to maintaining the operational success of any organization. Staying ahead of this crucial step in battery maintenance keeps your batteries healthy and cuts out the time consuming and labor-intensive guesswork associated with maintaining a valuable battery investment.

Introducing Eagle Eye Essential IV from Flow-Rite.

Eagle Eye Essential IV is a new in-valve level sensor that is the Brightest in its Class. With Eagle Eye Essential IV, installation is quick and easy – in fact, it is much faster than the competition! There is no need to drill into the battery nor cut the probe. Simply install the valve, connect the wire, and you are ready to go! Plus, the 2 year – No Questions Asked warranty gives you the peace of mind knowing that you can rely on Eagle Eye Essential.


Compared to similar level sensors in its class, Eagle Eye Essential IV boasts the brighest light.
It will inform you when your batteries need water. When the light is out, it’s time to water
them again. Our level sensor brightness was tested at LumenFlow, in Zeeland, MI.


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