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Find here the manufacturer of your battery and its model, thus being able to cross this information, identifying the SINGLE POINT kit, and the type of valve that applies to your battery. Note that there are two closing systems for the element covers: the BAYONET system, which closes with a slight turn to the right and or the PUSH-IN system, which locks the valve at the element inlet by pressing it downwards. You will find in this guide valves for: Forklifts, Tugs, Locomotives, Golf Vehicles, and Lifting Platforms.

Battery Cross Reference Chart

Millennium Evo Series

Battery BrandModel #Valve LengthMaverick CompatibleCap Style
Battery BuildersAllBlackTBDBayonet
Crown85S, 105MXBlack#Bayonet
Crown125S, 145MXBlackBayonet
DekaD-Series, MaxPower(All)Orange#Bayonet
EnerSysE55L, E75L, E85, E90, E100, E110, E100X, 55GL, 75GL, 75G, 85G, 85P, 100G, 100PBlackBayonet
EnerSysE140, E140X, E155, 130A, E85D, E90D, E100D, E125, E125D, 125G, 125PRedBayonet
EnerSysE85, E90, E100, E100X, 85G, 85P, 100G, 100P, E140, E140X, E155, 130A, E85D, E90D, E100D, E125, E125D, 125G, 125PBlack/ Maverick#Bayonet
GNBFlat Plate, Liberator, and TubularGNBTBDBayonet
Interstate PowercareAllBlackBayonet
Railroad / StationaryLocomotive Starting Batteries and Some StationaryXL BlackBayonet
Sunlight90 AQ, 100 AQ, 140 ECOrange#Bayonet
Sunlight125 AQ,Red#Bayonet
Sunlight100 ECYellowBayonet
SunlightPzB55, PzS60, PzB65, PzS80Black*35P
SunlightPzS90, PzS105, PzS115, PzS125, PzB75, PzB85, PzB100, PzB105Red*35P
SunlightPzS140, PzS150White*35P
Triathlon90TA, 125TAWhiteBayonet

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