To obtain the best result and the best result in your installation, follow the instructions in this manual. Choose the valve model and then choose the UNIQUE POINT battery filling kit, the ideal layout for your battery type, its correspondents and other items. This way you will get a quick and efficient installation for your GLOBEXX SINGLE POINT filling kit.

INSTALLATION Quick Start Guide

Millennium Evo Series

Remove Vent Caps

Be sure battery is clean and free of debris.

Install Valves

Place valve in cell. If applicable, use spanner
tool to rotate valve clockwise until secure.

Determine Tube Routing

Please refer to the installation diagrams
available at

Install Tubing Segments Along Rows/ Pre-Assembled Tubing

Carefully insert each swivel tee into the valve.
Push tubing completely onto swivels. Trim tubing
if necessary but leave a slight curve as shown.

Cut Row Connects from Feed Tube

Row Connectors will need to be cut from the
excess feed tube.

Connect Feed Tube

Select a location near the center of the tube

Install Red End Caps

Cover all remaining open barbs with red end caps.

Slide Dust Cover Over Quick Coupler

Keep coupler clean and free of debris.

INSTALLATION Quick Start Guide

Millennium Evo Series

Qualify Water Supply

Check flow rate by mating the purger with
the hose end assembly. Verify a flow rate of
2-5 gallons per minute using a timer and a
5 gallon bucket.

Remove Dust Cover

Only remove dust cover when filling
batteries. Always replace after use.

Mate Couplers

Insert the male coupler on the single point
watering system into the female coupler on
the end of the water supply.

Observe Flow Indicator

As the cells fill, the red balls inside the flow
indicator will spin. As the valves close, the
balls will begin to spin slower until they
come to a stop. This indicates that all
valves have closed and filling is complete.

Disconnect Couplers

Immediately after the balls completely
stop spinning, disconnect the couplers by
depressing the push button on the female

Replace Dust Cover

Place dust cover back over the male coupler
and place feed tube on top of battery.

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